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Nulis apa, ya? -___-"

Tidak tahu apa yang terjadi....

Well, lama tak menulis di sini. Maksudku, menulis tentang apa yang hati ini rasa. Akhir-akhir ini, aku lebih sering memposting tulisan-tulisan fiksi dibanding apa yang sedang dirasakan hati ini.

Sebenarnya, memang tak ada yang perlu ditulis karena memang tak ada. Namun, sejatinya, jauh di lubuk hati paling dalam sana, apa yang ingin terutarakan tetaplah ada.

Aku masih saja sama seperti yang dulu. Sedikit pemalas mungkin, dan baru "on" setelah berada di saat-saat genting. Kejar deadline, misalnya. Namun, akhir-akhir ini, aku merasa sedikit rajin. Lumayan, lah.... Aku rajin merampungkan proyek-proyek yang sedang aku kerjakan lebih awal, meskipun mepet di deadline, tapi lumayan tersiapkan.

Apa lagi, ya.... 
Hm, aku tak tahu lagi mau nulis apa.
Sebenarnya, aku rindu menulis curahan hati seperti ini. Rasanya, akhir-akhir ini susah sekali menjadi melankolis. Tak tahu. Sisi puitisku perlahan-lahan menghilang.

Well, sangat disayangkan sekali. Aku suka sisi itu dan tak mau kehilangan. Sepertinya aku harus lebih banyak menonton drama-drama romantis dibanding genre action. Dan lebih banyak menyerap hawa melankolis, tentunya. Bukan untuk ikut-ikutan galau, tapi untuk kebutuhan menulis. Aku butuh sisi itu.

Okay, sampai di sini dulu. Aku belum punya ide apa yang harus aku tulis panjang lebar.

Oh iya, besok aku ada janji sama Rahma. Lama kami tak bertemu. Biasa, semester tua, mulai berada di garis sendiri-sendiri. Besok, rencananya kita mau nonton bareng. Dia yang ngajak. Rencananya sih mau nonton The Raid 2: Berandal. Tapi lihat saja nanti, siapa tahu niat berubah. Rizal dan Rasman juga ikut bersama kami.
Sebaiknya aku cepat tidur agar besok badan segar.

Good night.

Senin, 24 Maret 2014

Fan Fiction of Hey! Say! BEST - Rain Dance

Title: Rain Dance
Author: Fatyana Rach
Song: Rain Dance by Yabu Kouta
Characters: Yabu Kouta, Inoo Kei, Takaki Yuya, Yaotome Hikaru
Pairs: YabuNoo, TakaNoo, TakaOme (TakaOme? XD)
Genre: Romance, gender switch for Inoo Kei
Rating: 15+
Length: One-shot
Warning: Just kissing. Sorry for mistaken grammar and spelling.

Yabu Kouta's legs froze and could not move when, from a distance, he saw a girl he loved being walked into a café with a man. Another man. Kouta just stood there painfully without any movement. He felt his whole bones collapsed immediately. He could not stand anymore and leaned his back on the nearest tree. It is too painful even he should remember to keep breathing. His heart was like squeezed by such force.
Slowly, Kouta grope his jeans’ pocket to take a cell phone. He still leaned his back on the tree because it was too difficult to stand alone. He called a number.
Kouta could hear the dial phone for a second before a girl picked the call.
Moshi-moshi, Kouta?”
Kouta took a deep breath for a moment before starting to speak, “Are you busy now, Kei?”
“Yes. Why? Do you want to meet me?”
“I just want to ask you for a date now.”
“Now? Sorry I can’t, Kouta.”
“Oh, I see. It seems that you are busy now.”
“Me? Yes, I’m in home, doing some project for my lecture.”
Kouta took a deep breath again. He knew that the girl whom he spoke now was lying.
“I’m sorry for interrupting you, Kei.” he smiled bitterly. However, the pain he felt was bitterer inside.
Jaa, study hard for your project then.” said Kouta again, “I love you, Inoo Kei.”
“I love you, too, Yabu Kouta.”
The telephone line had been disconnected. Kouta lowered the phone from his ear limply. He took a deep breath again.
“I thought you were too sweet to lie.”
He started to walk to the café. He might be sure of what he already saw, even he would did it secretly. Kouta put his hoodie on his head and moved forward calmly.

“Who was that?”
The first thing Inoo Kei heard after disconnected the telephone line was Takaki Yuya’s question.
“Ah, it was from Yabu Kouta.”
“Your stupid boyfriend?”
Inoo Kei just laughed, “Don’t call him stupid. He is cool anyway.”
“So, if he is cool, why do you cheat him with me?” Takaki Yuya smirked naughtily.
Kei showed her spoiled smile, “It’s because you are cooler.”
Yuya touched Kei’s chin, “You are too sweet to cheat a man, naughty girl.” he smirked again, with a cold smile.
“Kouta is naïve. He is too good to play me. You know, I want to be played by a boy and Kouta does nothing. He is still my good boy and never doing anything dangerous with me.”
Yuya put his arm around Kei’s neck, “Do you want to play something dangerous with me?”
Kei laughed, “For example?”
Slowly, Yuya lowered his lips to the side of Kei’s ear, whispering something smoothly. Then, Kei’s reaction was getting rid away Yuya’s arm from her neck with a little laugh.
“Don’t do that. I’m still a good girl anyway.”
“So, you don’t want to do that with me?”
“No.” Kei answered with her spoiled smile.
“Ah, it is very disappointing.” Yuya seemed so disappointed with Kei’s answer.

It was hurt inside. Watching his girl flirting with another man in front of his own eyes was really painful. Yabu Kouta just kept watching those two people flirting each other in the corner of the café. His eyelashes almost got wet. However, Kouta kept himself to be strong. He could not cry here, not in a public café.

“So, can we do that someday? I mean the possibility in the future after we get closer.” Takaki Yuya touched Kei’s finger on the table.
“Em… may be?”
“Have you done that with Kouta?”
Kei laughed again, “I said that Kouta is too naïve to do something like that.”
“But… you still love him, right?”
“Of course.”
“Then, why do you cheat with me if you still love Kouta?” Yuya brought his face nearer to Kei’s face.
“I don’t know. Just an adventure may be. I need something wild in a very so-so relationship.”
Yuya laughed, “I really don’t get your mind. You have good relationship with him and you feel bored because of that.”
“Even I don’t get it, too.” Kei laughed with Yuya.
However, another man suddenly stood near their table and glared at Takaki Yuya.
Yuya seemed so shocked with what he saw, “Hik-Hikaru?”
Kei smiled to the man named Yaotome Hikaru who suddenly stood near them, “Who is him? Your friend? Yoroshiku onegai.”
Hikaru punched the table, “You cheat me, Yuyan?”
Kei’s eyes were getting bigger, “Cheating? Who is cheating who?”
“You move to another girl after we did many things last night. You are a bastard!”
“Wait, wait!” Kei stood up with her clueless face, “What is it? What’s happen?”
Hikaru glared at Kei, “I’m his boyfriend anyway.”
“What?” Kei looked so shocked, “Are you guys… gays?”
Silence. Yuya tapped his own forehead helplessly, “I’m sorry. I’m not gay. I like both girls and boys.”
Kei could not say even a word. She swayed, almost falling to the ground, when someone held her limp body. It was Yabu Kouta who catched her body into his arms.
“I’m here, Kei.” Kouta whispered calmly.

“I will never forget the day you told me a lie.” he said, “So please, stop being a liar. Or, I will shoot your heart for the twice.”
Inoo Kei was frozen. She could not move even a centimeter. She stood in front of Yabu Kouta with the rest of her energy. The man standing in front of Kei was too kind to be hurt. Kei could not say anything when Kouta stared painfully for her.
The sky was gray. Dark clouds signed that it would rain soon. However, the both of them stayed under the dark sky, staring each other in silence. People in the park started to walk away to find some places where the rain could not make them wet.
Kouta grabbed her fingers, “So, please, be my girl once again.”
Instead of answering Kouta, Kei’s eyes started to be wet.
“Why?” Kei’s voice was trembled, “Why, Kouta? Why? I cheated you but you are so stupid to ask me being your girl again. Are you an idiot?”
“Yes, I am. I’m an idiot who falls for Inoo Kei.” Kouta squeezed Kei’s fingers softly, “So, I shoot you again here, twice, to be my girl.”
“Even I cheated with Yuya?”
Kouta smiled, “I don’t care anymore. You are the one who is hurt by him anyway.”
Slowly, tears started to flow under Kei’s eyes, “I’m so sorry, Kouta.”
“Do you reject me?” Kouta’s face was really pale.
“No. I mean, I’m so sorry for cheating behind you.”
Kouta stood in front of Kei. He grabbed and embraced Kei in his arms, “It’s okay. Don’t do it again or I will shoot your heart for the third.”
Kei was crying badly in Kouta’s arms, “I’m so sorry.”
Kouta whispered, “I will never let you free for your whole life. You will be in my prison forever. So, you cannot cheat anymore.
Kei nodded her head, “I’m your prisoner.”
“And… I will be wilder to make you satisfied. Let’s do some dangerous things without breaking the line.”
In the rain, we embrace each other. We have just two wishes, to remain just like this and to want to go someplace else. Rain, please pour down more. Please soak the two of us. I want to drown in love. Please wash away reason. Yes, rain dance. I'll kiss her sweetly, painfully, if she closes her eyes. Rain, this is a world of just the two of us. No one can intrude, in the rain. Yes, rain dance. I grope for love until my eyelashes get wet. Rain, whose care about tomorrow? It’s just the two of us. We might as well want to drown more. I want to make her wetter like this. Ah, rain dance. Might as well get wetter in the rain. You make both of us wet to the touch.
They kissed each other, making them wetter from second to second, under the rain which started to fall for dancing.

Yogyakarta, 24 Maret 2014
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Fan Fiction of Hey! Say! 7 - Ticking Time (One Shot)

It is my first fan fiction writen in English. I’m sorry for the uncomfortable unidentified grammar and spelling. Ehe.... XD
This is also my first time using Hey! Say! 7 as my main characters. You know, I usually use Hey! Say! BEST as my main characters but I try to make something else. Writing something else beside BEST members.
Happy reading and happy comments.

Title                 : Ticking Time
Author             : Fatyana Rach
Cast                 : Nakajima Yuto and Yamada Ryosuke
Genre              : Friendship, angst, fantasy
Length             : One shot
Rating              : G
Pairing             : NakaYama (uncommon pairing spelling, right? XD)

The time was ticking by. That young man was still there without saying a word. He just sat down there on a bench in the corner of the park. It was in the middle of the spring. The sakura bloomed perfectly. Many pinkish petals flew with the wind. Some of them landed on his hair. But, the young man did not move or raise his hand to take it off. Once again, he just sat down there without saying a word. No movement anyway.
Slowly, Nakajima Yuto, the young man, raised his hand. Not for taking off the sakura petals from his hair, but he did it to see his cell phone screen. His fingers typed a message. After the message was delivered, he waited for the reply.
However, there was no reply. He did it many times and the results were always same. No reply. Always no replay.
“You forget me, huh?” his lips numbed, “Why do I go to Tokyo if you don’t want to meet me? I’m like an idiot.”
He stared every corner of the park dan started to stand up. He walked limply to somewhere where nobody awared.

Yamada Ryosuke ran fast, slipping panickly between thousands people in the sidewalk. He had lost his breath some minutes ago but he tried to keep running, realizing that he ran out his cell phone battery and could not contact someone who had waited for him.
Then, his feet ran into a park where sakura bloomed perfectly. Ryosuke stopped to take a breath. He glared every corner looking for someone. Then, he started to walk again because he could not find the person. He walked around, checking every corner.
“Yuto!” he shouted a name.
There was no answer other than some people looked at him. Ryosuke did not care toward those strange starings from the people. He just kept looking at someone.
“Nakajima Yuto!” he shouted again.
No answer.
Ryosuke groped his jeans pocket and took out a cell phone from there. He looked at the screen.
Black. Of course it was black. The battery was ran out empty.
Ryosuke sighed desperately. His energy was over and he did not know what should to do.
“Where should I find you?” Ryosuke mumbled. His eyes looked at every corner again. But the man he looked for did not seen everywhere.
“Don’t go back to Osaka before you meet me.” he started to run again. He knew where Yuto was. Of course it was train station, the only place Yuto could go back to Osaka. Ryosuke ran fast and crossed the street. He moved his legs as fast as he could.
A few meters ahead, there was a billboard pole repair. Some workers were putting iron billboards when Ryosuke ran closer. Without noticing, unexpectedly, the billboards fell into the ground when Ryosuke passed under it.
It was hurt for Ryosuke after the billboards knocked his head hard. Many people screamed and the chaos was created.
Ryosuke tried to stand up again. His head was really bad injured and he just touched it slowly painly. Many people gathered around him.
“Call an ambulance!” one of the workers shouted panickly.
“I’m fine, I’m fine.” said Ryosuke, “I’m in hurry. Sorry for disturbing.”
Ryosuke started to run again, avoiding the chaos behind his back. The underground train station was there, no more than five hundreds meters there.
It was okay, he still could run anyway. So, it was okay. Hitted by an iron billboards was not a big deal.
The time was still ticking by.

Nakajima Yuto walked down the stairs to go to the underground train station. There are many people around him. Then, Yuto just stood there in the end of the stairs. The reason why he came to Tokyo was to meet his special best friend, Yamada Ryosuke. It had been awhile they met each other after three years ago. They were in the same Osaka Junior High School before Ryosuke moved to Tokyo.
So, in other words, Yuto did not know where Ryosuke lived. It was the first time Yuto came here to meet him. What should he do? Calling was nothing. Ryosuke’s cell phone was inactive.
Once again, Nakajima Yuto looked at the ticket counter. Should he go back to Osaka before facing Ryosuke? But, it hurt a lot that Ryosuke forgot the day Yuto came.
Yuto sighed hard, “Maybe, there is something on his way that causes him coming late.”
He moved back, walking up the stairs to get out from the underground train station. He walked on the sidewalk before stopping and deciding to wait there. It was about ten meters from stairs leading to underground train station. Yuto leaned his back against the wall and put his both hands in his jacket’s pockets.
The time was ticking by. Just waiting there, wishing Ryosuke would find him there.

Yamada Ryosuke still ran. He gave all of his efforts as fast as he could. And here it was, knowing Nakajima Yuto stood some meters there in front of him made Ryosuke wanted to cry. It had been awhile. It had been awhile after their last meeting three years ago. In Ryosuke’s eyes, Yuto grew up well, even his height beat Ryosuke’s. Yuto grew up fast with his manly side. Ryosuke almost did not recognize that the boy standing some meters there was his little Yuto.
“Yuto!” Ryosuke shouted to call him, “Nakajima Yuto!” he started to run closer.
But, instead of turning his head for Ryosuke, Yuto started to move away. Walking in the sidewalk, leaving Ryosuke although Ryosuke called him desperately.
“Yuto! Are you angry with me? I’m so sorry for being late.” Ryosuke tried to chase Yuto.
But Yuto did not want to turn his head for Ryosuke. Yuto just walked in the sidewalk with his cold expression. It looked like he did not want to hear Ryosuke anymore.
“I’m so sorry, Yuto. I don’t mean to forget you.” Ryosuke expression was begging desperately.
Yuto still did not hear him. Just walking without noticing.
Ryosuke almost started to cry, he did not know what should he do, “Can you hear me for a little bit? Okay, just a second, please....”
No answer.
Ryosuke tailed Yuto’s steps until he saw a chaos near a billboards repair.
“Ah, they are still there worrying me.” said Ryosuke. He whispered to Yuto, “You know, my head has been beatten by that big iron billboards some minutes ago.”
Now, Yuto turned his head toward Ryosuke. Yuto’s brow frowned and seemed think hard. He glared every where looking for something.
“What do you look for?” Ryosuke asked.
Yuto ignored him and walked again to get closer to the chaos. Ryosuke tailed him.
“I’m okay anyway.” Ryosuke smiled brightly, “My head did not feel hurt anymore.”
Yuto stood near the chaos. He started to ask someone.
“What happened?” Yuto asked to an old man wearing brown sweater.
“A boy was hit by a billboards. It seems that he is dying.”
“Dying?” Ryosuke repeated the answer, “The boy is me and I’m fine.”
Yuto slipped closer between the people to know who the boy was. Ryosuke did it, too. He tailed Yuto’s back to know the boy. Maybe, there was another boy beside him.
And there it was....
Ryosuke could not move even a centimeter after watching his own body laying down there in silence without movement. Dying.
The time was ticking by slowly. Really slowly.
“Ryosuke!” Yuto started to scream hysterically with overflowing tears.
Ryosuke just stood up behind Yuto, watching his little best friend hugged his dying body there.

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10.42 WIB

Indonesian Translation
Aku sarankan, lebih baik baca versi Inggris daripada versi Indonesia. Kenapa? Soalnya aku nulisnya langsung Inggris. Di bawah ini hanya hasil translet dari google. Pemilihan katanya bagus yang versi Inggris.

Waktu terus berdetak. Laki-laki muda itu masih ada di sana tanpa mengucapkan sepatah kata pun. Dia hanya duduk di sana di bangku sudut taman. Pertengahan musim semi. Sakura bermekaran sempurna. Banyak kelopak merah muda terbang bersama angin. Beberapa dari mereka mendarat di rambutnya. Tapi, laki-laki itu tidak bergerak ataupun mengangkat tangannya untuk membersihkannya. Sekali lagi, dia hanya duduk di situ tanpa mengucapkan sepatah kata. Tidak ada gerakan pula.
Perlahan-lahan, Nakajima Yuto, laki-laki tadi, mengangkat tangan. Bukan untuk membersihkan kelopak sakura dari rambutnya, tapi dia melakukannya untuk melihat layar ponsel. Jari-jarinya mengetik pesan. Setelah pesan itu terkirim, dia menunggu balasan.
Namun, tidak ada balasan. Dia melakukannya berkali-kali dan hasilnya selalu sama. Tidak ada balasan. Selalu tak ada balasan.
"Kau lupa padaku, ya?" bibirnya bergetar mati rasa, "Kenapa aku pergi ke Tokyo kalau kau saja tak ingin menemuiku? Aku seperti orang bodoh. "
Dia menatap setiap sudut taman, lalu mulai bangkit berdiri. Dia berjalan lunglai ke suatu tempat di mana tidak ada yang tahu dia akan ke mana.

Yamada Ryosuke berlari cepat, menyelip panik di antara ribuan orang di trotoar. Dia kehabisan napas beberapa menit lalu, tapi dia mencoba untuk tetap berlari, menyadari bahwa dia kehabisan baterai ponsel dan tidak bisa menghubungi seseorang yang telah menunggunya.
Kemudian, kakinya berlari ke sebuah taman di mana sakura bermekaran sempurna. Ryosuke berhenti untuk mengambil napas. Dia mengamati setiap sudut mencari seseorang. Kemudian, dia mulai berjalan lagi karena dia tidak bisa menemukan orang itu. Dia berjalan berkeliling, memeriksa setiap sudut.
"Yuto!" dia meneriakkan sebuah nama.
Tidak ada jawaban selain beberapa orang menatapnya. Ryosuke tidak peduli terhadap orang-orang yang menatapnya aneh. Dia hanya terus mencari seseorang.
"Nakajima Yuto!" teriaknya lagi.
Tidak ada jawaban.
Ryosuke meraba-raba saku celana jinsnya dan mengeluarkan ponsel dari sana. Dia menatap layar.
Hitam. Tentu saja hitam. Baterainya kosong.
Ryosuke menghela napas putus asa. Energi sudah terkuras habis dan dia tidak tahu apa yang harus dilakukan.
"Di mana aku harus menemukanmu?" Ryosuke bergumam. Matanya menatap setiap sudut lagi. Tetapi orang yang dia cari tidak terlihat di mana-mana.
"Jangan kembali ke Osaka sebelum kau bertemu denganku." dia mulai berlari lagi. Dia tahu di mana Yuto. Tentu saja, stasiun kereta api, satu-satunya tempat di mana Yuto bisa kembali ke Osaka. Ryosuke berlari cepat dan menyeberang jalan. Dia melangkahkan kakinya secepat yang dia bisa.
Beberapa meter di depan sana, ada perbaikan tiang billboard. Beberapa pekerja sedang memasang billboard besi ketika Ryosuke berlari semakin mendekat. Tanpa disadari, tiba-tiba, billboard itu jatuh ke tanah ketika Ryosuke lewat di bawahnya.
Terlalu sakit untuk Ryosuke setelah billboard itu menimpa kepalanya dengan sangat keras. Banyak orang berteriak dan keributan segera terjadi.
Ryosuke mencoba berdiri lagi. Kepalanya benar-benar terluka parah dan dia hanya menyentuhnya perlahan dengan kesakitan. Banyak orang berkerumun di sekelilingnya.
"Panggil ambulans!" salah satu pekerja berteriak panik.
"Aku baik-baik, aku baik-baik saja." kata Ryosuke, "Saya sedang terburu-buru. Maaf telah mengganggu. "
Ryosuke mulai berlari lagi, menghindari keributan di belakang punggungnya. Stasiun kereta bawah tanah berada di sana, tidak lebih dari lima ratus meter.
Semua baik-baik saja, lagipula dia masih bisa berlari. Jadi, tidak apa-apa. Tertimpa billboard besi bukan masalah besar.
Waktu masih terus berdetak.

Nakajima Yuto berjalan menuruni tangga menuju stasiun kereta api bawah tanah. Ada banyak orang di sekelilingnya. Yuto hanya berdiri di sana di akhir tangga. Alasan mengapa dia datang ke Tokyo adalah untuk bertemu sahabat terbaiknya, Yamada Ryosuke. Sudah lama sekali mereka bertemu satu sama lain, terakhir kali sejak tiga tahun lalu. Mereka berada di SMP yang sama selama di Osaka, sebelum Ryosuke pindah ke Tokyo.
Jadi, dengan kata lain, Yuto tidak tahu di mana Ryosuke tinggal. Ini pertama kalinya Yuto datang ke sini untuk bertemu dengannya. Apa yang harus dia lakukan? Telepon tidak bisa. Ponsel Ryosuke tidak aktif.
Sekali lagi, Nakajima Yuto memandang konter tiket. Haruskah dia kembali ke Osaka sebelum bertemu Ryosuke? Tapi, sangat mengecewakan sekali, Ryosuke lupa hari ini Yuto datang.
Yuto mendesah keras, "Mungkin, ada sesuatu dalam perjalanan yang membuatnya datang terlambat."
Yuto bergerak lagi, berjalan menaiki tangga untuk keluar dari stasiun kereta api bawah tanah. Dia berjalan di trotoar sebelum berhenti dan memutuskan untuk menunggu di sana, sekitar sepuluh meter dari tangga menuju ke stasiun kereta api bawah tanah. Yuto menyandarkan punggungnya ke dinding dan memasukkan kedua tangan di saku jaket.
Waktu terus berdetak. Hanya menunggu di sana, berharap Ryosuke akan menemukannya di sana.

Yamada Ryosuke masih berlari. Dia mengerahkan semua kekuatannya secepat yang dia bisa. Dan di sanalah dia, mengetahui Nakajima Yuto berdiri beberapa meter di depannya membuat Ryosuke ingin menangis. Sudah lama sekali. Sudah lama sekali setelah pertemuan terakhir mereka tiga tahun lalu. Di mata Ryosuke, Yuto tumbuh besar dengan baik, bahkan tinggi badannya mengalahkan Ryosuke. Yuto tumbuh sangat cepat dengan sisi manlynya. Ryosuke hampir tidak mengakui kalau laki-laki yang berdiri beberapa meter di sana adalah Yuto sahabat kecilnya.
"Yuto!" Ryosuke berteriak memanggil, "Nakajima Yuto!" dia mulai berjalan lebih dekat.
Tapi, bukannya menoleh kepada Ryosuke, Yuto malah mulai menjauh. Dia berjalan di trotoar, meninggalkan Ryosuke meskipun Ryosuke memanggilnya nyaris putus asa.
"Yuto! Apakah kau marah padaku? Aku sangat menyesal karena terlambat." Ryosuke mencoba mengejar Yuto.
Tapi Yuto tidak menolehkan kepalanya untuk Ryosuke. Yuto hanya berjalan di trotoar dengan ekspresi dingin. Tampak seperti dia tidak ingin mendengar Ryosuke lagi.
"Maafkan aku, Yuto. Aku tidak bermaksud melupakanmu." ekspresi Ryosuke memohon putus asa.
Yuto masih tidak mau mendengarnya. Hanya berjalan tanpa memperhatikan.
Ryosuke hampir mulai menangis, dia tidak tahu apa yang harus dia lakukan, "Bisakah kau mendengarku sebentar saja? Oke, satu detik saja, please...."
Tidak ada jawaban.
Ryosuke mengekor langkah Yuto sampai dia melihat keramaian di dekat tempat perbaikan billboard.
"Ah, mereka masih di sana mengkhawatirkanku." kata Ryosuke. Dia berbisik pada Yuto, "Kau tahu, kepalaku baru saja kejatuhan billboard besi besar beberapa menit lalu."
Sekarang, Yuto menoleh ke arah Ryosuke. Yuto mengerutkan kening dan tampak berpikir keras. Dia mengedarkan pandangan  ke setiap tempat mencari sesuatu.
"Apa yang kau cari?" tanya Ryosuke.
Yuto mengabaikannya dan berjalan lagi, lebih mendekat ke keramaian itu. Ryosuke terus mengekor.
"Aku baik-baik saja." Ryosuke tersenyum cerah, "Kepalaku tidak terasa sakit lagi."
Yuto berdiri di dekat kerumunan. Dia mulai bertanya kepada seseorang.
"Apa yang terjadi?" Yuto bertanya ke seorang pria tua yang mengenakan sweater coklat.
"Ada anak laki-laki ditimpa billboard. Tampaknya dia sedang sekarat. "
"Sekarat?" Ryosuke mengulangi jawabannya, "Anak itu adalah aku dan aku baik-baik saja."
Yuto menyelip lebih dekat di antara orang-orang, ingin tahu siapa anak itu. Ryosuke melakukannya juga. Dia mengekor di belakang Yuto untuk mengetahui siapa anak itu. Mungkin, ada anak lain selain dirinya yang ditimpa papan billboard.
Dan itu ....
Ryosuke tidak bisa bergerak bahkan satu sentimeter pun setelah melihat tubuhnya sendiri tergeletak di sana, dalam keheningan tanpa gerakan. Sekarat.
Waktu terus berdetak dengan perlahan-lahan. Sangat lambat.
"Ryosuke!" Yuto mulai berteriak histeris dengan air mata meluap.
Ryosuke hanya berdiri di belakang Yuto, menatap sahabat kecilnya memeluk tubuhnya yang sekarat di sana.

Yogyakarta, 6 Maret 2014
10.42 WIB